Recruiter NO MORE!

Recruitment. The job that no one really wants but that anyone could do. For the past few years I have been working in this field of work, and now being a recently unemployed member of society, looking to get back into the working world, I have had the time to sit back and realise just how much I do not want to be a recruiter anymore.

Have you ever felt the pressure of unemployment? Explaining to people that you are ‘between jobs‘ always brings on that judgy expression and the “ohhh I see” phrase that basically means you are a disappointment. Unemployment itself is a stressful business, and because of this, there will always be an underlying panic and small voice inside your head telling you to take any job, good or bad, and get back to work as quickly as possible.

For the first time in my life, I now have the luxury of time to make sure I find the right opportunity. I refuse to panic and run back to recruitment, as I am determined to find the job that makes me feel happy, and gives me some purpose. I mean come on, is this not what we all deserve? A job that we love?

The pull to go back to the familiar and fall into my safety net of recruitment is there and is hard to shake, but my reasonings for ignoring this, standing up and saying no to recruitment are many.

The negative stigma and reputation attached to this profession is something I have always found difficult. If you were, or still are working in recruitment, you will know how much we as recruiters are hated. No matter how much you look after your candidates and provide the best candidate experience possible for them, you will consistently be labelled as ‘a recruiter,’ and it will always be conveyed negatively.

I cannot be the only one sick to the teeth that firstly, I feel I am not being valued as a hardworking professional, and that secondly I will always be prejudged as the fly that candidates are trying to swat because it will just not go away. ‘A monkey could do recruitment‘ was one of the worst and hardest comments I have ever heard made about this profession, and I for one am done settling for a job that is not well respected.

What also frustrates me is the uncertainty of the job. As a recruiter you are essentially selling living, breathing people to clients, who can suddenly turn around after being so positive during a lengthy interview process, and tell you that the job is ‘just not for me‘. In recruitment you are incapable of ever having control, it is a game of luck, and this is what can make it unbearable.

The draw of money is another pull for many joining the recruitment industry. The fantastic bonuses on top of a high basic salary draws many in like moths to a flame and is probably the reason that people stay working in this line of work for so long. Either they are addicted to the money, or they are absolutely terrified of not being paid as much anywhere else. In all honesty, I would admit that I fit into that category… I am scared.

Even though I do not want to pursue recruitment any longer, I am fully aware that it is a tough gig for some and that many people involved in this profession work very hard! Ultimately, if you want a career that is hardworking, but can be easy to do, recruitment is a possible way forward. But being a girl who was once told by a colleague that I was a ‘do gooder‘ who felt utterly ashamed at this prospect, to begin with, I have now realised just how proud I am to labelled this title.

Recruitment is just not for everyone! You are either made for it or you are not, and I have come to the conclusion that I am not!

Please don’t get me wrong, the experiences I have had working in recruitment, I will always value, but I am a strong believer that you need to be happy in work as it is the constant in your life, and you only live once, so you need to find what you enjoy.

I am proud to say that I am finally putting on my big girl pants and opening myself up to a world without recruitment. As much as I am diving into the unknown, I am excited about a new chapter and to where it will lead and what will unfold.


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