My BorrowMyDoggy experience!

Like most of the nation, I am a pet lover and would absolutely love to own my own dog, but sadly due to my current living situation, this would be impossible for me.

Living in a house share with my friends means no pets are allowed, and even though I wish we all did, none of us has the time to properly look after a dog, which would ultimately mean a lonely animal, which none of us would want, as it would be completely unfair!

At the moment I am unemployed and have a lot of free time on my hands, which has resulted in a few lonely days, as to put it frankly, everyone else is at work! Ranting to one of my friends a few weeks ago that ‘I wish I had a dog to walk and give a cuddle to,‘ as I was missing some company, she introduced me to a website called borrowmydoggy, that to my disbelief made all of my wishes come true!

Looking online at all of the pets in my area, which were all different shapes and sizes, I came across the gorgeous Monty! Fluffy, cute and my favourite dog breed, a cockapoo, he immediately caught my eye! I contacted his owner, Katie, and before I knew it was on my way to meet both of them to discuss when I could walk him.

Walking Monty so far has been fantastic! I have taken him on a few walks in the countryside, and have arranged to walk him every Tuesday evening with the potential to see him some Saturdays too. I discovered from Katie that I am actually one of seven dog walkers, so I have to coordinate with them if I fancy walking him on any other days, but I am in astoundment at just how lucky Monty is! He has so many walks he could probably eat his way through his whole dog biscuit bag as well as some treats and still be lean! Monty also occasionally appears on the Manchester University Twitter feed when a student takes him for walks in the city, so watch out for him everyone! Katie has quite hilariously described Monty as leading a double life!!!

I am already such a big fan of borrowmydoggy, as it has allowed me to look after a dog without the commitment of being an actual dog owner. It has also given me the opportunity to enjoy the company of a dog, which as I am sure you would agree with me, can be somewhat therapeutic after a stressful day. Monty’s constant tail wagging and hilarious habit of lunging to lick my nose always puts a smile on my face no matter how bad I am feeling. If I don’t start looking like Rudolph the red nose reindeer by the end of the month, I will hardly be surprised!!! Signing up to this website has also been so simple as well as cost-effective! I can walk as many dogs as I want to and it only costs me £12.99 a year! From an owner’s point of view, it also means they do not need to send their dogs to doggy daycare or kennels, so they will save a lot of money and worry.

I am so happy that I got recommended this site and encourage anyone out there who is looking for a furry friend to have a few adventures with to give it a go! My experience so far has been wonderful, as not only have I made a new friend in Monty, I have also made a potential friend in Katie too.

As the writer, Thom Jones so perfectly wrote “Dogs have a way of finding people who need them, and filling an emptiness we don’t even know we have”

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  1. Hello, Vicky!

    We recently connected on LinkedIn and I’m currently on the lookout for a designer/developer. I thought I’d check out your blog to get more of an idea of what you were looking for job-wise – should any content creation roles come up, I’ll be sure to get in touch 🙂

    I’m not sure how well you rank for the topic of Borrow My Doggy, but for topics like this, where there may be a related charged service, it might be worth adding some Affiliate marketing links – Borrow My Doggy appear to have an affiliate scheme, albeit the one I found first was from Quidco at: “”.

    If you refer people to Quidco you can get paid for that, so, perhaps worth a look?

    Apologies if you know all of this already – just thought I’d see if I could help 🙂




    1. Hey James,

      Thanks so much for your message! I am absolutely looking to get into a role of content creation as it is my passion and appreciate your help! I will have a look into Quidco and once again thank you!

      All the best,

      Vicky 😊


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