My struggles with anxiety

Have you found yourself worrying about the tiniest things, overthinking situations, beating yourself up about nothing and saying sorry for no apparent reason? Then you, like me might suffer from anxiety.

Anxiety is something I have never actually ever been officially diagnosed with but is an issue that I am aware that I have been suffering from my whole life. Ever since I was a little girl, I was known to my parents as ‘miss panic stations‘ and ‘shaky leaf‘ because I used to panic about absolutely everything, and when I say everything I mean everything! It was as bad as if my parents ever went out for dinner I honestly believed they would never come back. Anxiety has always been a part of me and something I have found very hard to control.

When you suffer from anxiety, you do not feel you are properly understood by many people. At least I don’t! This piece of writing is a very personal one for me. But I want to share my struggles and tell anyone out there who may feel they are in the same boat, you are not alone! There is no point of hiding and being ashamed of this disorder. It is a common thing to suffer from, especially in today’s society that piles constant amounts of stress onto us! It is no wonder that anxiety disorders are so ordinary.

When I was younger I was always negative and fearful. I grew up in the happiest most loving family whom I adored with all my heart. It was the perfect little unit, the ones you read about in books, but my anxiety lead me to be constantly terrified of losing what I had. I always believed things would go wrong, and sadly for me, my worst fears did actually become a reality. My parents divorced when I was eleven which broke my heart, and what made it worse was that my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer around the same time. The ultimate bombshell for me was in 2015 when she passed away from terminal cancer because I lost my best friend. A part of me will always believe that the rollercoaster of hardships that I have faced in my life have lead to my ever existing anxiety.

So what do I get anxious about? The list is endless, but it all starts off with this critical voice inside my head that always tells me ‘you don’t look as pretty or skinny as other girls‘ or ‘you will mess this up.‘ This voice takes control of my thoughts far more than I would actually like to admit and frequently makes me feel not good enough and worried. When discussing my anxiety with a friend of mine, he decided that I should call this voice Brenda, and explained that I had to try to ignore her, because Brenda was wrong and always would be wrong. She should not be controlling my life, and I need to stop letting her!

Easier said than done right? Anyone who suffers from anxiety will know just how hard it is to switch off that voice!!! I absolutely hate struggling with this condition, it is so frustrating. It makes me feel so pathetic because at times I cannot understand why I feel as anxious as I do! I can go from worrying about upsetting someone when there is no reason to worry, to crying into my pillow feeling alone with all of my emotions circulating inside my head, and not understanding why I feel this way. I have been told by many people that I care far too much! Every day I try so hard to feel better and calm myself down, and hope that the day will come where I no longer feel like this. I would love to be a girl who does not over worry and who is not so negative and critical about herself. Life would certainly be a lot easier!!!

Ultimately I do not know the cure. I have been to see counsellors and psychologists, and have read countless self-help books, and also always try and push myself to face my fears and not be scared, but what I have found actually helps me the most are my family and friends. Without them, I really do not believe I would be even a quarter as strong as I am. I know that they cannot cure me, but their love and understanding is, in reality, all that I can ask for. I may suffer from anxiety for my whole life, and I will actively try and find ways of alleviating my worries, but deep down knowing I have such a strong support network from such amazing people makes things that bit better!

No one but you knows exactly what you’re struggling with but If you’re trying your hardest to get through what’s holding you back and if you refuse to give up on your goals, that’s what’s important! Just remember, no one can get inside of your head or cure you. Those of us who are anxious are like this for various reasons, and I certainly have my own, aside from the fact that I have always been a little worrier!!! My mum always told me I was her little star and that one day I would shine brighter than ever before. Believing that as someone with anxiety is difficult, but I certainly hope that I can prove her right. A worry free, happy life is what I am after, and I am determined to get there!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with anxiety- I appreciate that you must feel very vulnerable sharing this but the honesty through the words you have shared on this blog post really resonates with me- so thank you so much!

    You are incredibly strong for everything that you have been through.

    I empathise so much with your struggle and frustration with anxiety- explaining it to people that haven’t had endured it is incredibly challenging.

    I have had anxiety my whole life, and it has manifested itself into so many different forms.

    Something I find that has really helped me throughout the years is to simply accept that I have anxiety, tell myself it is okay to feel the way I feel, and then work on myself from there.

    While we may feel week for having such intense anxiety, I now feel that people who have had anxiety are the strongest people in the world. We face that little voice in our heads every day, and every day we try our best (and our best will vary from day to day) to push that voice out of our heads.

    Once again thank you for sharing your story, it means a lot to me 🙂


    1. No problem at all! I am glad it helped you!! I think it is a good thing to realise that we are not alone and that so many of us suffer from anxiety disorders! I really hope you keep feeling strong! Life can be so hard but it’s remembering the good things around us that help!

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  2. Wonderful post. Thank you for being so open and honest about your struggles with anxiety. You will surely help many others by sharing your story. Anxiety is a daily battle, but I agree with what you say above – remembering the good is key. Wish you all the best in your journey – speak766


  3. saying sorry for no reason: I’m LITERALLY known for that
    worrying about the tinniest thing: I worry about every single thought that passes through my head
    overthinking situations? YUP, every second of the way
    beating yourself up: I NEVER FEEL SATISFIED WITH MYSELF
    do i have anxiety or what?

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