Channel 4’s Great British Bake Off – My Review

Baking is one of my favourite things to do, every chance I get I try to bake a different type of cake, so it may come as no surprise that I absolutely love watching ‘The Great Brirish Bake Off‘. The show has been running since 2010 and I have not missed a single episode! The creativity as well as mouthwatering, baked creations never cease to amaze me and always inspire me to be more inventive in my bakes at home.

Bake Off returned to our screens last week, but this time, in comparison to all of the other years, changes had been made. The wonderful Mary Berry and witty duo of Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins are no longer working on the program as it has moved over from the BBC to Channel 4. This meant that there would be a new line up, and I like many other Bake Off fans out there must say that I was unsure about what this meant for the show and wondered whether I would still like it. How different would it be? Would the newbies be as good as their predecessors? I have to admit that my expectations were not very high.

The series began (to my surprise) with the familiar old theme tune ringing through our screens, and although Paul Hollywood’s tent has moved, it pretty much looks exactly the same, the only change being the colourful new kitchen and surfaces, which are actually really nice! The contestants, who are a mixture of ages and ethnicities are all extremely likeable and are also a very talented bunch, they are certainly looking to be one of the strongest groups in my opinion! I also already have a favourite competitor! The Scouse grandmother Flo cracked me up with the way she pronounced ‘lemon curd‘ and she is certainly the baking Granny that we all wish we had! To my amazement she managed to create an illusion cake that looked exactly like a watermelon in the showstopper challenge. It was the absolute definition of cool and if you have not seen it yet I definitely urge you to check it out! You will be impressed!

Aside from the great new contestants the same cannot be said for the new presenters, Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig . I really felt the humour between the two was forced and the ‘he’s bowled over‘ joke made by Sandi whilst she pretends to push Noel over was just so cringeworthy! I really feel that the two people replacing Mel and Sue should be a double act that you can see being friends in real life, these two almost seemed like they were putting up with each other simply because it was their job to do so! They just did not gel! Rightly or wrongly I am not impressed with them so far, and although they may still be finding their feet, I am not holding out much hope to be entertained by them.

New judge Prue Leith (whom I discovered is a michelin-starred restaurateur) however really is the perfect replacement for Mary Berry, a woman whom I believed was irreplaceable. I have always loved Mary Berry and found her to an inspirational person, after having read her book and watched a docmentary on her life, and must say she is the person I will miss most on Bake off. For Prue to be taking the place of the Queen of the baking world, must have been terrifying for her as Mary’s shoes are such hard shoes to fill, but so far, she has managed to put her judging hat on smoothly with no fuss whatsoever! I was pleasantly surprised! Paul Hollywood is also very much the same, remaining the judge that every contestant fears and being the harshest critic. My only concern was that his special ‘well done hand shake‘ that have in previous episodes been to contestants like receiving a knighthood from the Queen, were given out twice in one episode! What a shocker!!! Is Paul becoming more a generous judge or are this year’s contestants a much more talented bunch of bakers I wonder?

For me, the weirdest part of the new Bake Off as silly as this may sound was that now we had advert breaks in between the show! They were slightly annoying, but when getting up to fetch some dinner I was actually pretty grateful that they now existed, as I did not like in previous years miss anything!!! In general I belive that Channel 4 have actually done a really good job! So far they have managed to maintain the lighthearted, funny show that we all know and love, and have kept it being very enjoyable (as to my delight the funny baking inneundoss still exist!) I am so pleased to say that The Great British Bake Off exceeded my expectations, and even if I am not that impressed with Noel or Sandi so far,  I am very much looking forward to the rest of the series and interested to see how it pans out!!!






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