Why I think movie scores are AMAZING!

Those lucky few who have the pleasure of knowing me well, know for a fact that one of my absolute loves in life is listening to movie scores! The person to blame for this adoration of this type of music is definitely my mother! My mum was a keen listener of Classic FM radio station and the enthusiastic artist that she was, used to hide away in her art room, painting away to various movie scores including ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, ‘The Lion King‘ and ‘Titanic‘. Automatically I now always associate these pieces of music with her, as you would always hear them blaring out of her art room, the memories of which make me smile!

Hans Zimmer’s scores began my love affair with movie soundtracks and as I got older and was introduced to many other incredible films, my horizons were expanded and more music joined my movie soundtrack playlist.  An example of which is Doctor Who’s character theme tunes, which are so true to each companion’s personality, with Rose’s being emotional and beautiful and Donna’s being quirky and upbeat! Scores can really illustrate the triumphs and trials of movie or TV show’s main characters.

So other than character recognition what is so great about movie scores you may ask? For some reason, society seems to deem this type of music as nerdy and believe these songs are just there to help movies along and gain them association. This is so untrue! A friend of mine also e recently mocked my music taste, sarcastically stating that I was ‘cultured’ for loving this music!!! You like many might think movie soundtracks are boring and dull, but oh how very wrong you are! Film scores can admittedly be dull, depending on which ones they are, but they really can also be beautifully emotional and really do make the best background music! If you have not listened to ‘Now We Are Free‘ from the film Gladiator, I urge you to give it a try and then try telling me that soundtracks are boring! That piece is nothing but absolutely epic!

I am fully aware that not everyone will think similarly to me here, but for some reason, I find movie scores to have a great way of helping me concentrate when I am working. Listening to anything with words or nothing at all can actually distract me, and I almost get in the ‘work mode zone‘, when turning on my Spotify movie score playlist!!! Songs such as ‘I am the Doctor’ from Doctor Who and ‘He’s a Pirate’ from Pirates of the Carribean are two fast-paced tempo songs that really get me switched on and determined to complete whatever piece of work I am doing, and Somebody’s Gerry‘ from P.S I Love You and ‘Thought I’d Never Call‘ from the film Blood Diamond have the opposite effect of calming me down and relaxing me! Quieter scores, where you can hear each instrument so precisely, are nothing but incredibly relaxing!

With movie scores, you can find a soundtrack for any emotion. When listening to certain pieces such as ‘This is Neverland‘ by Jan A. P. Kaczmarek and ‘I Need You‘ by James Newton Howard I find it hard not to think of sad moments in my life whereas music from ‘The Last Samurai‘ by Hans Zimmer remind me of happy memories of my mum humming away in her art room! Film scores are very nostalgic and really do have a way of transporting you back in time.

If you haven’t had a proper listen to any movie scores I absolutely recommend them and believe you might even thank me afterward! I promise you won’t be disappointed! Obviously, we all have different music tastes, but I really believe there is a soundtrack out there for everyone, that you will appreciate and enjoy!


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