The small things in life…

Today was one of those days when I woke up in a grumpy mood feeling a bit flat. We all do it, we wake up on the wrong side of the bed, angry at the world and thinking ‘what is the point?‘ and not really understanding why we started feeling this way in the first place.

Luckily for me, that mindset changed as my day progressed when sat in my favourite cafe in Didsbury called ‘The Art of Tea.‘ A lady came and asked if she could sit down next to me. The social bee that I am, saw no problem with that and told her that she could happily sit next to me! I love meeting new people! As we got chatting I discovered that her name was Sue, which happened to be the same as my mum’s name! She told me that she had lost her husband at just 42 and had somehow managed to pick herself up after such a difficult time. She described her previous situation as having ‘had absolutely nothing‘ and that now amazingly she runs her own successful business and loves her life! Hearing her story really resonated with me and reminded me just how amazing people are and also reminded me that everyone has hardships in their lives, it is just whether you choose to fight through them or not!

Every day is good, it is just remembering that and reminding yourself that you need to pick out that goodness of your day. Ever since my mum died in 2015, I have struggled emotionally as well as mentally with this, as understandably I have had days where I feel angry at the world for taking my mum so young, I mean she was only 52! I still cannot fully understand it and always question ‘why?’ However, because this happens I have done my best to find the good in every day, as feeling down is not a nice feeling. But of course, this is easier said than done,  it is hard! If you like me have had a rather rough time of it all recently and feel a bit sorry for yourself it can feel like a momentous task, but I promise you, it is possible! You can do it!

So here are a few of my own tips on how to cheer up and really make sure that you enjoy the little things in life:

My tips

Keep a log – Go and buy yourself a book full of blank pages, it can be any design you like! Mine has cute unicorns at the front! I mean go as crazy and wacky as you like! In this book write as many good things down as you can think of that took place that day. Understandably, there are going to be days that you feel like the whole day has been completely rubbish and you have nothing good to report. But this is a lie! Even if you jot down the tiniest point, such as how good your coffee was that morning, it teaches you to appreciate the good in your day and that even a yummy coffee is something enjoyable!

Phone your family or friends – Taking to family and friends has always been essential for me when I am feeling a bit blue, the main person in my life who tends to deal with the emotional me is my wonderful twin sister. A right good natter and rant down the phone to her can be all the therapy I need to lift myself up and put a smile back on my face! So go on, try it! If you don’t call those special people in your life often, you might just surprise yourself at how nice it is!

Go for a run –  Why not embrace the fresh outdoors? A run around the park has always eased my mind and chilled me out! It is also a bit of exercise in the day so will naturally make me feel a lot better about having indulged in a delicious slice of cake that day!

Listen to some relaxing music – If you follow my blog, you will know that classical music and movie scores have always had a way of relaxing me and calming me down! But no matter your music taste, whether that be classical or heavy metal, Musicologists have actually proven that listening to music can be therapeutic!

Have a glass of wine – The cure to all cures! Alcohol! Joking aside having a small glass of wine does not hurt and alcohol is an anti-depressant meaning that it will relax you no matter what! I am not telling you to go mental and drink a whole bottle! I don’t want any newfound alcoholics after reading this blog! But a cheeky glass will not hurt and will definitely cheer you up!





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