“Life is not about happiness, it is about learning to be content with every day”

Life can be strange. For a long time, I have probably been the saddest I have been in a while. In my opinion, I  had hit rock bottom and did not know where or who to turn to. My family were concerned, and with loving words and warm cuddles desperately tried to fix and heal me, but it did not work. Sadly it was just not enough. I felt like things would never look up, it felt as if I was drowning in my sorrows, but slowly, without me even realising it, things started to brighten and I resurfaced.

We all hit low points in our lives. It is natural that we can get a bit sick and tired of things and forget about all the positives that actually surround us each day. You believe that no one can quite understand your situation and naturally believe you are alone. This is simply not the case. I was told by a sweet old man called Bob who happens to be the owner of the second-hand bookshop at the back of my favourite cafe in Didsbury called The Art of Tea, that “life is not about happiness, it is about learning to be content with every day“. He went on to say that “every day above ground is a blessing“, and oh how right he is! As much as life can be tremendously difficult at times and can physically bring you to your knees, it can also be amazing and can leave you feeling elated and fantastic. Contentment is the way forward and it is essential that you feel content with every day!!!

My rationale for a long time had been that if I managed to secure myself with a new job that gave me a purpose, I strongly believed that my life would suddenly be back on track and that this would end up bringing me happiness. But I was wrong. Life has a funny way of giving you opportunities and does not present you with what you want right away. The film Evan Almighty has a fantastic quote which describes this perfectly, ‘if he prayed for courage, does God give him courage, or does he give him opportunities to be courageous? If someone prayed for the family to be closer, do you think God zaps them with warm fuzzy feelings, or does he give them opportunities to love each other?’ 

The issues I faced in my life over the past few months were that I was unhappy with my current living situation and I was unemployed. Naturally, finding a new job came at the forefront of the two as I was slowly going insane at the boredom of unemployment and wanted my life to have more structure. However, life presented me with the opportunity of lots of free time, and with this time I could go and view properties at my leisure, whereas the girl who would be living with me did not have this time. To my delight, I managed to get a two bedroom flat, and not just any flat, it was a reasonable price, clean and spacious. It was everything we wanted and more! What’s more, my constant persistence in finding the perfect home lead to a job interview with the letting agency that had secured me my new place, and before I knew it I was offered a new job with them! Everything that I had wanted for so long did happen in weird and wonderful ways and as I sit here writing this I am still astonished!

Aside from this something unbelievable also happened! Those that know me know that I have been so focused on getting happier, which as previously stated I believed what would fulfil this happiness would be getting a new job and eventually a new home. I had no time to think of myself and my personal situation, which is that I am single. The rather ironic thing for me is that I was content with this, being alone did not really matter to so much to me as I was busy, however quite randomly it seems that life decided it was the time that this changed!

It was a normal day, I wandered to The Art of Tea, my hair in a plait, frankly looking a bit on the wild side and wearing clothes that did not particularly match. It is safe to say, I really had not made much effort at all in my appearance and that it was a definite, I do not care day!!! There I sat headphones in my ears, frantically typing away at my laptop writing up a new blog, not paying attention to the people around me. When getting up to fetch a glass of water and breaking myself away from my writing I noticed him sitting across from me reading a book! Unbelievably after a bit of time something unexpected happened. He got up the courage to actually come up and talk to me, and after a few hours of constant chatting about interests, passions and life, we realised we had not even asked for each other’s names! Time had escaped us and it was fantastic! I left the cafe that day feeling happier than I had felt in such a long time because something so unpredictable had taken place, I had met someone amazing and it was great! Whether this goes anywhere I have no idea, but what I do know is that life put someone in my path who I least expected and that I am so glad it did!

As I said at the beginning of this post, life is strange. Things happen in such unexpected ways and this is what is so wonderful! In all honesty, would you really want to live in a predictable world? I think we would all be bored beyond belief if we did! Ultimately I had been so sad for so long but can proudly say that I am now content and make sure that I am content in every day that goes by! What those of you reading this post need to remember is that the negatives in life do not go on forever, as much as it feels like they will, I promise you they won’t. Friends constantly tell you that ‘you will get there’ and yes, of course, it is so difficult to actually believe this as it can feel utterly impossible! But it is the truth! You will! As Albus Dumbledore so perfectly states ‘happiness can be found in the darkest of places if one only remembers to turn on the light.





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