The Art of Tea – Review

Since living in the Didsbury 'The Art of Tea' cafe has been my favourite place to spend time in. The Art of tea is a quirky, bohemian cafe located in East Didsbury. I stumbled across it a few years ago when I was unemployed and seeking a new job. I desperately needed somewhere tranquil to... Continue Reading →

Self Improvement – My top tips!

Focusing on yourself is so important. Life is so busy and complex that when you actually get the chance to sit down and put your feet up with a glass of wine the level of tiredness and stress that hits you can be surprising. I am certainly an example of someone who feels this way,... Continue Reading →

Becoming a Student Nurse

Those who know me personally know that for the longest time I have longed to go into a caring profession. Since my mother died four years ago and I saw the care and support that the nurses at the Christie Hospital gave her I knew where I was destined to be. I am now finally... Continue Reading →


Life is a hard, we experience ups and downs, twists and turns and do not know what is just around the corner. As a consequence of this, many of us suffer from depression or anxiety resulting in us significantly struggling with the bouts of turbulence that life provides.   It is easy to feel sad.... Continue Reading →

Have a little patience

Since I was a little girl I always romanticised about the idea of being a ‘grown up’ with my own house, belongings, family, dog and most importantly, security. It is something I have sought after my whole life and something I am still longing for even now at the age of twenty five.   Over... Continue Reading →

Do You Belive in Fate?

Do you believe in fate? It has been a question I have always found myself asking. I am sure like me, you have experienced times in your life where you question whether that particular amazing or saddening moment actually happened for a reason and if things in life are already mapped out for us. I have... Continue Reading →

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