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“Life is not about happiness, it is about learning to be content with every day”

Life can be strange. For a long time, I have probably been the saddest I have been in a while. In my opinion, I  had hit rock bottom and did not know where or who to turn to. My family were concerned, and with loving words and warm cuddles desperately tried to fix and heal... Continue Reading →

The small things in life…

Today was one of those days when I woke up in a grumpy mood feeling a bit flat. We all do it, we wake up on the wrong side of the bed, angry at the world and thinking 'what is the point?' and not really understanding why we started feeling this way in the first... Continue Reading →

My amazing family!

Anyone that knows me will know just how important my family are to me. I grew up in a loving home that I adored spending time in, and to this day believe I would do absolutely anything to go back there. My mum always taught myself and my siblings that we had to appreciate the... Continue Reading →

Me Before You – My Review

I am a sucker for a soppy romance story, with The Notebook and Outlander including some of my favorite books, so when the film trailer for the upcoming film called 'Me Before You' hit our screens in 2016 and revealed that it was actually a novel by the author Jojo Moyes, I instantly downloaded the book onto... Continue Reading →

My struggles with anxiety

Have you found yourself worrying about the tiniest things, overthinking situations, beating yourself up about nothing and saying sorry for no apparent reason? Then you, like me might suffer from anxiety. Anxiety is something I have never actually ever been officially diagnosed with but is an issue that I am aware that I have been... Continue Reading →

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