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Me Before You – My Review

I am a sucker for a soppy romance story, with The Notebook and Outlander including some of my favorite books, so when the film trailer for the upcoming film called 'Me Before You' hit our screens in 2016 and revealed that it was actually a novel by the author Jojo Moyes, I instantly downloaded the book onto... Continue Reading →

My struggles with anxiety

Have you found yourself worrying about the tiniest things, overthinking situations, beating yourself up about nothing and saying sorry for no apparent reason? Then you, like me might suffer from anxiety. Anxiety is something I have never actually ever been officially diagnosed with but is an issue that I am aware that I have been... Continue Reading →

My BorrowMyDoggy experience!

Like most of the nation, I am a pet lover and would absolutely love to own my own dog, but sadly due to my current living situation, this would be impossible for me. Living in a house share with my friends means no pets are allowed, and even though I wish we all did, none... Continue Reading →

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