Are you in a Gaslighting relationship? How to tell the signs.

'Gaslighting' is a phrase I had never heard of before, but it took my counsellor to mention it to me to make me realise that at one point in my life I was in a gaslighting relationship. Gaslighting to me sounded such a funny term when I first heard it, but as I did more research into it and... Continue Reading →

Do You Belive in Fate?

Do you believe in fate? It has been a question I have always found myself asking. I am sure like me, you have experienced times in your life where you question whether that particular amazing or saddening moment actually happened for a reason and if things in life are already mapped out for us. I have... Continue Reading →

My amazing family!

Anyone that knows me will know just how important my family are to me. I grew up in a loving home that I adored spending time in, and to this day believe I would do absolutely anything to go back there. My mum always taught myself and my siblings that we had to appreciate the... Continue Reading →

My struggles with anxiety

Have you found yourself worrying about the tiniest things, overthinking situations, beating yourself up about nothing and saying sorry for no apparent reason? Then you, like me might suffer from anxiety. Anxiety is something I have never actually ever been officially diagnosed with but is an issue that I am aware that I have been... Continue Reading →

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